iTouchless SoftStep Stainless Steel Trash Can, 13.2-Gallon 50 Liter Pedal Garbage Bin for Kitchen,Home,Office


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    Dimensions (Overall) 26 Inches (H) x 16.75 Inches (W) x 14.65 Inches (D)
    Brand iTouchless
    Material Stainless Steel
    Color Silver
    Capacity 13.2 Gallon
    Origin Imported
  • The brand name and logo for this product is “iTouchless”, and this is an electric trash can. It is also known as the “SoftStep”, and this is a stainless-steel trash can. There are lots of people who want to go beyond a simple garbage bag and a couple of cans, and they’re willing to pay a little extra to do so.
  •  This is one of those products that you may not see a lot of in stores, but there are well-known companies that offer it.This stainless steel trash can is ideal for the kitchen, with its easy-to-lift lid and durable, rust-resistant coating. The soft-step design ensures that the lid will not damage the can or get snagged on objects and furniture. 
  • The iTouchless Trash Can is a stunning and versatile trash can. It will look great on any countertop, as well as in your garages or basements. The Trash Can saves space by using recycled plastic bottles and is easy to clean thanks to a removable filter. It’s odor-free too, which makes it great for people with sensitive noses. The Trash can comes in five colors: Stainless Steel, Blue, Purple, Green, and Pink. It’s a unique and appealing design that fits with the rest of the iTouchless line.

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